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Food Handlers Test

Food handler medicals are important to ensure that your staff do not have any disease that may be transmitted to others through contaminated foods. If you want a quick, easy way of doing this, order our food handler’s test today!


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More than 200,000 Nigerians die every year from food-related illnesses


1 in 4

Nigerians who contract food-borne illnesses are likely to die



The estimated direct cost of food-borne illnesses in Nigeria

A food handler is anyone who, through their work activity, has direct contact with food during any of its phases until it reaches the final consumer.

This includes preparation, manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, sale, supply and service. 

The food handler’s panel aims to determine if such an individual is a carrier of any harmful pathogenic organisms that may be spread through food. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are known to cause over 250 known food-borne diseases. Existing infections can be identified and treated with the food handler’s panel. This assures food safety.



Symptoms of food poisoning include: 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Watery or bloody diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Fever

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still unsure about this test, here are some questions that we usually get asked.

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What are examples of a food handler?

A food handler may do many different things for a business, such as making, cooking, preparing, serving, packing, displaying and storing food. Food handlers can also be involved in manufacturing, producing, collecting, extracting, processing, transporting, delivering, thawing or preserving food.

Who needs to take a Food Handlers Test?

Anyone who comes into direct or indirect contact with food at any stage of its preparation before it is served to the consumer.

How often should a food handler undergo laboratory testing?

It is important for food safety workers who handle food must be free from illness. We recommend that employees be subjected to, at a minimum, pre-employment and annual checks.


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